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Feb 102021

Last year, we took a look at LoveKami -Divinity Stage-, which I found to be not worth playing unless you’re in it for the fanservice.

This year I moved on to the second game in the series, LoveKami -Useless Goddess-, and I’m pleased to say it’s much better all around.

Set in the same universe where goddesses have come to Earth to learn more about humanity, this story puts you in the shoes of a young man who finds a collapsed goddess named Akane and learns that she’s an Aragami – a goddess who does whatever she wants and causes trouble for humanity as a result.

She’s also supposed to be the goddess of the apartment building where he lives with his childhood friend (who is now his landlady), so when another goddess shows up with the intent of rehabilitating her, he decides to pitch in and help.

Like in the first LoveKami, there is a single choice partway through that leads to a scene with one of the three potential love interests and determines which route you’ll be on after the common route ends. And once again, one route feels more important than the others; since Akane is at the center of the main story, her route feels the most conclusive.

However, the other two routes still have interesting points and funny/sweet moments, and they aren’t all rehashes of the same basic story like in Divinity Stage.

It has a hefty amount of fanservice like its predecessor, but LoveKami -Useless Goddess- is worthwhile for more than the fanservice alone. To me, the main story of trying to rehabilitate Akane is much more interesting than the idol contest in the first game, and each heroine has a decent romance story as well. It might not be groundbreaking, but it’s cute and entertaining enough to be worth the few hours you’ll spend with it.

I recently picked up the third LoveKami title in another visual novel bundle, so we’ll get around to that eventually. In the meantime, share your own thoughts on LoveKami -UselessGoddess- in the comments and don’t forget that the first two LoveKami games are among the prizes you can win in this year’s contest!

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  2 Responses to “Celebrating All Things Romantic: LoveKami -Useless Goddess-”

  1. Ha, I was wondering why you chose to play this after not liking the first game. Guess you just have to blame those bundles that keep throwing these games in 😛

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