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Feb 172020

One of the visual novel bundles I got also included two of the LoveKami games, so I decided to give LoveKami -Divinity Stage- a try.

LoveKami is set in a universe where the goddesses have decided to learn about the human world by sending down fragments of themselves to take on human form.

The start of the visual novel is packed with explanations to set up the premise and explain why a majority of goddesses have become idols (like, in the musical performance sense). One of the most popular Divine Idol groups is holding a contest to choose a new member, and you play a young man who ends up helping two idols in their attempt to win.

It’s largely a kinetic novel, with only a single choice partway through that determines which of the three romance routes you end up on.

Unfortunately, despite the amount of detail it puts into justifying its idol goddesses and how their powers work, the story is pretty bland. Two of the girls want to win the contest and need your help to do so. The third is a member of the group holding the contest, and she has her own struggles to deal with.

The problem is the story just doesn’t do much. One of the three routes features a serious conflict in the character’s life, as well as a handful of scenes from her perspective, but the other two don’t. It has some funny moments, but not enough to carry it. Overall, it was just… boring.

Onto some positives!

Since this game is all about idols, there are a few musical performances, and the songs are catchy. The music is good, and that helps bring it to life. The art is also nice, and it has a high amount of fanservice, which should increase its appeal if you want a game with cute girls in revealing clothing and suggestive poses (no 18+ version in English, though).

But if you aren’t in it for the fanservice, I find it hard to recommend LoveKami -Divinity Stage-.

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  1. If you want to read a really good story about gods and goddesses as idols, I highly recommend the Wicked + Divine graphic novel series. I bought every volume (RIP my wallet…)

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