Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 282021

Following my first venture into pulp fiction with “The Domino Lady Takes the Case,” my second pulp story is available now in a new collection from Airship 27!

Pulp Mythology Volume Two contains three pulp stories all based around myths and legends. Mine is “The Lost Quest of Heracles,” a Greek mythology story that follows Heracles on a new journey as he seeks a way to reunite with his family in the underworld.

(Yeah, I started work on this story sometime after my marathon through the God of War series, which left me wanting more Greek mythology.)

The other two stories in this collection are a Baba Yaga story written by Michael Panush and a novella about Pecos Bill written by Mel Odom.

Currently, the print copy of Pulp Mythology Volume Two is available from Amazon, as well as the ebook!

It should also be available directly from Airship 27 soon, as well.

And if you’re a pulp fiction fan, don’t forget to check out Domino Lady Volume 3, which includes my short story “The Domino Lady Takes the Case.”

I’ve enjoyed getting into the world of new pulp fiction, and there will be more to come!

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