Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 072021

The Gust news teased for yesterday turned out to be new details about the upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection Tie, which will be localized under the title Blue Reflection: Second Light.

Second Light sounds like it’s going in a very different direction from the first game, and I’m interested to see what they have planned for the story.

The first Blue Reflection was about a girl named Hinako who gains the power of a Reflector, allowing her to enter a world made up of people’s emotions to help her classmates resolve their personal struggles, while also fighting horrific entities that invade the real world.

Second Light, according to the details translated by Gematsu, is about a girl named Ao who finds herself in an isolated school with two other girls. All three of them have lost their memories.

They take a path that appears one day and find themselves in a new world with the power to fight monsters (gaining the power of Reflectors).

They meet other characters as well, including Hinako from the first game – and all of them have also lost their memories.

It appears that there is a school-building aspect to the game, as you build facilities to expand the school. Social interactions and crafting are also involved, and the trailer shows a glimpse of some of these systems in action.

No clear look at combat yet, but from the screenshots in the Gematsu article, my guess is that it’ll be similar to the first game’s system of turn-based combat with other characters providing support.

Anyway, the idea of the girls being trapped in this other world without their memories is such a different premise from the first game’s approach that I’m really curious about where they’re going for it. The game will be out on October 21 in Japan, with no western release date given yet.

While we wait for news about when Blue Reflection: Second Light will be released in the west, I’ll get back to watching Blue Reflection Ray, which also went in a different direction from both Blue Reflection and Second Light. What do you think about Second Light from what we’ve seen so far?

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