Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 022021

We potentially have two pieces of JRPG-related news to look forward to next week, thanks to a couple of teases.

First, on July 6, Gust will be doing… something. They tweeted an image of a blue sky with 7/6 on it, with the message “Coming 7/6.”

There is a lot of belief that this could be the announcement of Atelier Ryza 3, due to the frequency of Atelier releases and Gust using the blue sky imagery for Atelier Ryza in the past. However, the Atelier Twitter account hasn’t shared it yet, so maybe it’s something else.

Don’t forget that we still have very little information about the upcoming Blue Reflection games, so this might be additional information about one or both of those.

Or it could be entirely different Gust news. Either way, it’s sure to be interesting.

Meanwhile, Level-5 announced a Yo-kai Watch anniversary live stream for July 9. According to the translation from Gematsu, it will include “a major game-related announcement.”

Since it’s a Japanese event, I doubt this will be the long-awaited localization news for Yo-kai Watch 4 (or rather, Yokai Watch 4++, the latest version) or Yo-kai Academy Y, but maybe an update or the announcement of a new game. I’ll just be happy to see Level-5 announcing things, since they seem to be having some trouble lately.

So I’m mainly looking forward to Gust’s news on July 6, but I’ll be interested to see the Yo-kai Watch news on July 9 as well. What do you think will be announced on these days?

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  2 Responses to “Two Potential JRPG Announcements Coming Next Week”

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  2. […] sign of Yo-kai Watch 4 localization, the Switch port of the first game was never localized, and the big anniversary news turned out to just be a mobile […]

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