Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 092020

I really expected to be discussing a newly-announced Yakuza game after yesterday’s anniversary live stream.

When there were no new games announced at TGS and the producer said projects were underway for the anniversary, fans already guessed the next game would be announced then.

And so when the live stream announcement said it would include a look at future plans, everyone pretty much assumed they would reveal a new game.

I predicted a new spin-off or Kenzan Kiwami, and I went to sleep Monday night thinking that I’d be happy no matter what they announced.

…Well, I didn’t anticipate that they wouldn’t announce any game at all.

You can read a nice recap of the event from DualShockers, but basically they discussed various things about the series (like how Dead Souls was almost about aliens; I’ll take an alien invasion Yakuza spin-off, thank you), announced Yakuza cologne and other collaborations, and revealed the Japanese PS5 release of Yakuza 7.

In his closing comments, however, director Toshihiro Nagoshi did confirm that the next game is currently in development.

I was really looking forward to the next game to be announced, but I have so many Yakuza games to catch up on that I can’t be too disappointed. Besides, this longer gap between titles might provide enough space for the localization team to work on Ishin!


Here’s hoping we get some exciting announcements for other series from the Game Awards tomorrow, the Tales anniversary live stream, and Falcom Day.

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