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Dec 152021

It’s time for another sequel announcement I’ve been hoping for, this time in the horror genre!

Ever since I finished the Yomawari games, I’ve been hoping NIS would make another.

And now, Yomawari 3 has been officially announced.

Yomawari: Night Alone and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows feel very different from one another in some respects. The first focuses more on exploration, putting you in the town at night to search for clues and find the next place to visit, while the second is more linear and also more story-driven.

You can check out my thoughts on Yomawari: Night Alone here, but I don’t think I ever covered Midnight Shadows on my blog. I enjoyed both of them, though, so I’m thrilled we’re getting a third.

(This time I will be prepared for the tutorial to do something horrible.)

The short teaser trailer doesn’t show much, but its style looks in line with the previous games.

The third Yomawari game will be out on April 21 in Japan for the Switch and PS4. No localization has been announced yet, so I’ll go into every potential NISA announcement with the hopes that it will be this until it’s finally revealed.

Are you interested in Yomawari 3?

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