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Aug 152022

On Friday, THQ Nordic held a showcase in which a new Alone in the Dark game was announced.

(It was less of a surprise than it should have been, since a site accidentally posted details about it early that morning.)

Titled simply Alone in the Dark, it’s a reimagining of the original Alone in the Dark from 1992.

Like you might guess from that release date, Alone in the Dark was a key game for the survival horror genre and is one of the earliest survival horror games ever.

According to the official website, this new entry is “a completely original story” but will “incorporate characters, places and themes from the 90’s original trilogy.”

I’m not entirely sure why they would reimagine the game with a new story instead of making it an all-new entry, but that seems to be the approach.

Alone in the Dark will be written by Mikael Hedberg, who wrote Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, and is described as having elements of Lovecraftian horror. I’ve never played the original Alone in the Dark games, but it sounds like it’s right up my alley, so there’s no way I can miss this one.

Meanwhile, Steam has a bundle of Alone in the Dark games that includes the original trilogy and the 2008 entry, so maybe I should pick those up to play in the meantime!

Are you interested in the new Alone in the Dark? Have you played the originals?

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