Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Aug 172022

Square Enix Collective will be publishing a horror RPG called Little Goody Two Shoes, developed by AstralShift.

Square Enix Collective is Square Enix’s indie publishing service, which previously published games like Forgotton Anne, Goetia, and Tokyo Dark.

(Those first two have since had their publishing rights revert back to the developers.)

Meanwhile, AstralShift previously developed a gothic horror RPG called Pocket Mirror, which is getting a remastered version that I’ll definitely look into now.

Square Enix introduced Little Goody Two Shoes today through a number of tweets written from the perspective of the game’s main character, Elise.

The tweets show some short gameplay clips and character interactions, along with the ominous comment that “sacrifices” may be required for Elise to find a way out of the superstitious village of Keiferberg.

The gameplay style and story premise already have me interested.

According to Gematsu, Little Goody Two Shoes is an homage to PS1 and PS2 RPGs in which players will “complete their daily tasks by day and uncover the woodland’s darkest secrets by night.” Puzzle-solving and relationship-building are also part of the game.

I’m pretty intrigued by this game, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure! What are your thoughts on Little Goody Two Shoes?

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