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May 082019

Tomorrow at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET, Sony is holding a State of Play broadcast.

They’ve announced an extended look at the MediEvil remake (which I’d honestly forgotten about), a new title, and other updates and announcements.

Recent tweets from Square Enix and the official Final Fantasy account have led fans to believe we might get Final Fantasy news as well.

First, Shinji Hashimoto retweeted the State of Play announcement with a comment that translates to “Oh, it has come.” Hashimoto is the Brand Manager for the Final Fantasy series.

Next, the official Final Fantasy Twitter account posted two unusual tweets. The first was a screenshot showing the Chocobo Farm from Final Fantasy VII.

They then followed it with a Chocobo-related poll, using the Chocobo cry “wark.”

So what could this mean?

The most exciting guess, which many fans have jumped to, is that tomorrow’s State of Play will include a look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which we’ve seen only a little of since it’s announcement. With Kingdom Hearts III finished, Final Fantasy VII should be their next big focus.

On the other hand, the Chocobos might be the key part of the tweet. Chocobo’s Dungeon was recently remastered for the Switch and PS4, and Hashimoto was also the producer of Chocobo Racing. Tomorrow’s announcements could include a new Chocobo spin-off or remaster.

It’s also possible that the Final Fantasy tweets are unrelated to the State of Play, much like Capcom’s Resident Evil tweets were mistaken for RE3 Remake teasing not too long ago.

Maybe the State of Play will include a Final Fantasy XVI announcement or Naoki Yoshida’s new game (Sony isn’t sharing next-gen plans tomorrow, but that doesn’t necessarily rule out a next-gen game being announced), or even more information about Babylon’s Fall.

I’d love to see Final Fantasy VII Remake news, but I’m excited for whatever Square Enix has to show tomorrow. What are you hoping to see in Sony’s State of Play? Do you think Square Enix is teasing an announcement?

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  5 Responses to “Is Square Enix Teasing Final Fantasy News for Tomorrow?”

  1. I’ll come back to this tomorrow after it actually happens.

  2. […] was prepared for the apparent Final Fantasy news teases to be disappointed, but yesterday’s State of Play broadcast really did include the Final […]

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