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Aug 192022

Gamescom is fast approaching, with the opening night broadcast set for August 23 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

I, of course, have my hopes set on TGS for potential Ace Attorney news (please), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have hopes for Gamescom.

Last year, Gamescom Opening Night included a new trailer for Lost Judgment, so I’m hoping RGG Studio will have a presence there once again.

Maybe a Yakuza 8 trailer is too much to expect – that’s another one I’d expect to be announced at a Japanese event first – but I haven’t given up on hoping they’ll reveal Kenzan and Ishin localizations in the works. Or maybe they’ll shock everyone with a Judgment PC port, since a lot of people are hoping for that.

Sega is among the companies confirmed to be there, so there’s hope.

Another company that will be at Gamescom is Bandai Namco. Last year, they announced the short-lived Tales of Luminaria, so I can’t help but wish for the announcement of a new Tales game or a remaster of one of the older ones. My heart is still set on the games that were never translated before, but I’d be happy with anything besides another doomed mobile game.

Finally, I think they’ll announce a Death Stranding sequel, which has been widely rumored because of stuff like Norman Reedus saying he worked on Death Stranding 2. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was announced at last year’s Gamescom, 505 Games is confirmed to be there, and they just announced that Death Stranding (base game) is coming to Game Pass for PC, with perfect timing if they want to build up to something.

So there are my hopes and dreams for Gamescom this year, while I continue to pin even more hopes on TGS. What do you think (or hope) will be announced?

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