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Aug 252023

A few days ago, after learning Edgeworth won the poll about which Ace Attorney lawyer you’d most want to defend you if you were sued, I decided to visit the Capcom Museum page in Capcom Town to see if there was anything new.

To my surprise, the Special Exhibits spot notified me that a new exhibit was available… for Ace Attorney Investigations.

Yes, the two Investigations game have their own Special Exhibit in the Capcom Museum. It features art, design documents, and more from both games.

(On Monday, the design documents included a major spoiler for Investigations 2, but I don’t see it there anymore. Just tread cautiously.)

It’s pretty likely this exhibit was added in response to Edgeworth winning the poll, as enough time passed between the poll closing and the results being announced for them to prepare it.

However, I still think it’s a good sign that Investigations is getting this much attention. Unlike the other DS games, Investigations never even got a port to the 3DS. I didn’t expect Capcom to acknowledge it at all, especially not with a whole page devoted to it. They could have highlighted Edgeworth’s role in the main series, but instead they chose to bring the Investigations duology into the spotlight.

(I’d place more importance on Investigations 2 being featured on an English Capcom site if not for the memory of Bandai Namco celebrating the anniversary of the Tales series with English tweets about untranslated games.)

The biggest thing to take away from this is that Edgeworth is popular, and Capcom knows it. A couple months ago, while discussing my optimistic beliefs about Ace Attorney’s future, I said I thought the success of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and the announcement of the Apollo Justice Trilogy showed that Capcom no longer felt Phoenix’s name had to be in the title for an Ace Attorney game to succeed. Between that and the clear evidence of Edgeworth’s popularity, our chances of getting an Investigations duology collection now look better than ever!

Are you surprised to see Investigations featured on Capcom site? Would you play a duology bundle if it was released?

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  2 Responses to “Ace Attorney Investigations is Featured in the Capcom Museum”

  1. I would 100% buy a duology bundle! Especially so I can finally play Investigations 2…
    Overall, I’ve been very hapyp with the Ace Attorney presence in this Capcom event, including hosting the poll results! It’s nice to see the characters getting some well-deserved time in the spotlight!
    I was also surprised just how popular Apollo was in the USA specifically, and was also glad to see that Ryunosuke got first place in Canada, as they highlighted!

    • Yes! Capcom seems to be recognizing Ace Attorney as an iconic series now worthy of giving so much attention, which can only mean good things!

      Haha, yes, I was surprised by those character results, too. I’m guessing Apollo’s votes were influenced by him being the only character to win a civil trial before, although it’s still interested how it was skewed by country.

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