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Dec 152023

With all the exciting game news we’ve had this year, you might have forgotten about Another Code: Recollection.

Set to be released on January 19, Another Code: Recollection is a remake of the DS adventure game Trace Memory (here using its original name, Another Code: Two Memories) and its Wii sequel, Another Code R.

Those are games I never thought we’d see again. Between the games being somewhat obscure and the developer filing for bankruptcy in 2010, I assumed they were lost to time until Recollection was announced.

It’s even getting a physical release!

Another Code R was never released in North America, so I’m excited to finally get a chance to try that even though it got mixed reviews, and the remake also looks fantastic in general. I’m still shocked that they took a game as niche as Trace Memory and gave it a full remake.

For comparison, the original DS game looked like this.

Of course, this has led to hopes that Hotel Dusk and its sequel will receive similar treatment.

Anyway, a demo for Another Code: Recollection is now available. It covers the first chapter of the first game, and you’ll be able to transfer your progress to the full game.

I just hope it sells well despite when it’s coming out. While its audience might not overlap as much with the JRPGs coming out in the first two months of the year, it’s also being released just a few days ahead of the Apollo Justice Trilogy, which probably does have decent overlap. Trace Memory was a great game, and I want to see revivals like this succeed.

Are you planning to play Another Code: Recollection?

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  2 Responses to “Another Code: Recollection Demo Available Now”

  1. I will probably get it, though more likely just for the second game. Though they’ve retouched the first game that it may be worth doing both, hm…

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