Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Aug 252014

Last time we visited the strange world of Tomodachi Life, we witnessed many strange activities, including the romance of Albert Wesker and Franziska von Karma, encouraged in part because the benevolent island overseer known as Sam’s lookalike favors that crack pairing.

Tomodachi Life Wesker and Franziska

Since then, she has continued to interfere with her islanders’ lives. As Miis continued to pair off, she became determined to see Simon Blackquill and Juniper Woods together. All Miis beware, we have a Blackwoods shipper on deck.

While she discouraged romantic thoughts toward those two from any other Miis, island life continued as usual. Desmond Sycamore found a new love. Fulbright was attacked by crows. Little Hunter Edgeworth grew up and left the island to travel the world.

Traveler leaving Tomodachi Life

Miis made new friends, discovered new activities, and tried new foods… not always with the best of results.

There were more strange dreams, bizarre news stories, weddings, and shared hobbies. And as Miis leveled up, more of them received video game consoles as gifts, which brought an increased love of Nintendo to the little island.

Apollo loves his 3DS

Everyone loves the 3DS!

Miis play Wii U

Everyone loves the Wii U!

In fact, Sam’s lookalike hit upon a great idea, once she realized Simon liked the Wii U. She gave Juniper a Wii U, in the hopes that it would bring them together. Juniper loved it.

Juniper Woods plays Wii U

Next door, Simon sat alone.

Simon Blackquill all alone

Meanwhile, Juniper and her friends really loved the Wii U!

And so, the Wii U party continued, without Simon, for a long, long time. Time passed, and Sam’s lookalike checked in again.

Miis playing Wii U in Tomodachi Life

Sam’s lookalike had a lot of time with nothing to do but try to drive her Miis together, so she visited some others. All were engaged in their own unique activities, while Simon sat alone in his apartment. For example, vampire hero Barnabas Collins put on a strange outfit and took up the guitar.

Barnabas Collins Tomodachi Life

Well, to each his own. He’s Simon’s best friend, you’d think he’d set down the guitar and tell him about Juniper’s Wii U. Speaking of which, how is she doing?

Juniper plays Wii U alone

Playing alone? Really, Juniper? Wouldn’t you like someone else to join you?

More Miis enjoy the Wii U

And Simon sat alone in his apartment.

Then… just as Sam’s lookalike was about to give up… it happened. Maya Fey decided her good friend Simon needed a sweetheart.

"How about setting him up with Juniper?"
Matchmaking Simon and Juniper
Simon and Juniper date
Simon and Juniper become sweethearts

All right! And so, after all the troubles, it was a happy ending for Simon and Juniper after all. The overall happiness of the island increases, Sam’s lookalike is satisfied, and–best of all?–the Miis have been filled with a strong love for all things Nintendo.

So let’s just see what…

Um…. Guys? I think you might be taking this a little too far.

All hail the NES!

Well, that was… strange. Ah well, let’s just move on. Life continues, after all. What will be the next big romantic drama of Tomodachi Life?


Wait, WHAT??

If the insanity presented in this article appeals to you, the author, sometimes known as Sam’s lookalike, suggests you read her previous Tomodachi Life article and consider buying the game. If you already own Tomodachi Life, what strange adventures have your Miis had?

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