Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Aug 162014

That’s right, in two weeks, it’ll be August 29, and you know what that means!

The next 30 pages of my thesis novel are due.

Well, yes. But besides that…

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be released in North America!

I just checked Amazon, and my order is on schedule to be delivered on the 29th. If I ever wait until the last minute to finish my thesis submission, it’s not going to be this time, I can tell you that.

Speaking of writing, my ChoiceScript adventures are also going well. Even though it’s set up for text-based, choice-driven games, I’m trying to use ChoiceScript to make a survival horror-esque game… and it’s actually going pretty well. Adding exploration and backtracking creates some complications, but I’ve found ways to handle it.

So far, I’ve made a working inventory (with health items, equipment, and key items), a combat system through which you can either fight enemies or run from them, and a safe room/save system. I’ve created a framework for solving puzzles, as well as the potential for chases.

It’s really a lot of fun!

Now I need to map out my story and gameplay progression (recursive unlocking, anyone?) so I can continue forward. Don’t worry, I’ll make an announcement as soon as I have a working demo!

Update: So, in the end, was Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright what I expected? Check out my review to find out!
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  1. I hope that Best Buy has Layton vs. Wright on launch day, in stock, and after work.

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