Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 292016

Ace-Attorney-6-EmaLast night, new Ace Attorney 6 footage was shown during an Ace Attorney stage show.

Thanks to Court-Records, those of us who missed the stream live can watch the new footage.

There wasn’t a lot of new information revealed, although it seems as though Nayuta will prosecute cases in Kurain.

However, the videos do show a little more of the first case, new footage from the second case (including Ema Skye and fingerprint analysis), and a bit from Apollo’s DLC story.

Here is the first video, which shows a little over 9 minutes of Case 1.

This second video covers about 10 minutes of Case 2, a few minutes of the DLC case (with Klavier and Jinxie), and a showcase of the bonus costumes.

It was fun to watch this footage and see Ema again (although I’m still holding out hope for at least a Gumshoe cameo). And personally, I don’t mind a lack of new information about the game… gotta have some surprises!

Right now, the main piece of Ace Attorney 6 news I want is its localized release date. An E3 announcement, perhaps?

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  1. AWESOME! 😀

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