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Aug 292016

Final-Fantasy-XV-trainThe news that Final Fantasy XV isn’t fully open world is still causing heated debates among fans. We’ve already discussed why you shouldn’t panic over it, but now we know why the second half is more linear, which should clear up concerns.

During the recent Dengeki PlayStation Premium Event, Tabata explained (warning: the summary contains information you might consider spoilers) that the party will travel by train during the second half.

You won’t be able to veer of the path if you’re on a train, so it can’t be as open as the earlier parts of the game.

Before you worry about this being a last-minute change, trains have been a part of Final Fantasy XV for quite a while. They’ve shown concept art of a transcontinental train, and in the Jump Festa 2015 trailer, there is a brief scene of Noctis in a snowy train car.

(Train at 2:00.)

When asked about it in a Q&A back in December 2014, Tabata clarified that “somewhere in the world, there’s a place that you get to by train.” He also said you can move freely around the train during the trip.

This all suggests the second half of the story requires you to travel somewhere only accessible by train. There is no reason to believe you won’t be able to explore and do side activities once you’re there. And remember, we know you’ll eventually get a flying car.

In other Final Fantasy XV news, Kingsglaive (digital) and Justice Monsters Five will both be available tomorrow. In fact, Kingsglaive is already out in the UK today!

Now that the reason has been given, how do you feel about Final Fantasy XV’s structure?

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