Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 092018

Another Nintendo Direct, and Nintendo continues to steal my heart and money, because yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was fantastic!

You can catch the whole thing here, but I’ll go through the highlights that stood out to me.

First, I was surprised by the amount of 3DS support. I figured we had a few already-announced games on their way (Detective Pikachu, The Alliance Alive, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, etc.) and that would be it for any major announcements.

But there were new 3DS announcements, including remakes of Bowser’s Inside Story and Luigi’s Mansion!

Bowser’s Inside Story is my favorite game in the Mario & Luigi series, so I’m thrilled that it’s being remade. I’m curious to see if the new side story, Bowser Jr.’s Journey, will be similar to the Bowser’s Minions addition to the Superstar Saga remake, or if it will be different.

As for Luigi’s Mansion, my old GameCube copy is just fine… but I hope this remake does well and convinces them to create a Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the style of the original, not Dark Moon. For me, the original Luigi’s Mansion is far superior to its sequel.

I also want Detective Pikachu. No way am I missing that game.

Moving on to the Switch games, I’m still on board with Octopath Traveler after enjoying the demo, although I still want to know how the overall story will work.

I’m still curious about No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, especially now that I’ve tried games by Suda51 (more on that next week).

And while I still haven’t played Dark Souls, I love the Solaire amiibo. Praise the sun! Did they really make an amiibo just for a meme?

Mario Tennis Aces looks cool, but I’m not much for sports games, but I was excited to see the announcements of Undertale and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! I don’t need a third copy of Undertale, but I do need to pick up a copy of Crash. I’ve never played the first two games.

Splatoon 2’s story expansion looks kind of cool, and the Smash reveal was great even though I don’t play Smash. (Heresy!) I’m in the camp that thinks it’s a new Super Smash Bros. game for Switch, not a port.

What did you think of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct? What were your favorite announcements?

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