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Mar 022018

So the March PlayStation Plus games were announced the other day, and it’s a pretty solid lineup.

Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank (the new one) are heading up the list for the PS4, along with Legend of Kay for the PS3, Mighty No. 9, Claire: Extended Cut, and Bombing Busters.

Feelings about Mighty No. 9 aside, that’s a good selection of games for PS Plus subscribers.

That’s the good news. They also revealed the bad news: this is the last year there will be PS3 and Vita games included among the free PS Plus games.

Now, that doesn’t seem too bad at first. They’re older systems, so it’s not surprising to see something like this eventually, and there will still be free PS3 and Vita games all the way until March 2019.

Except they won’t replace them.

Right now, a PS Plus subscriber has a lineup of six games to choose from. Sony clarified to Polygon that starting in March 2019, the free games lineup will consist of only two PS4 games.

Even if you don’t have a PS3 or Vita, that could still be a blow. Of this month’s four non-PS4 games, three of them are cross-buy with the PS4.

Of course, you’ll still be able to play any PS3/Vita PS Plus games you already have, but the lineup of new games will be cut from six to two. How do you feel about the plans for PlayStation Plus in 2019? Do you think they will do something to increase the worth despite the fewer games?

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  2 Responses to “Strong PS Plus Lineup, Bad PS Plus News”

  1. That is sad. Especially for the Vita since that always needed more software support, not less. I almost wonder if this means they will announce a new hand-held at some point, but probably not since the Vita didn’t do that well (?).

    • Sony seems to have long since given up on the Vita, and they haven’t given any indications that they’ll replace it any time soon. If anything, the Switch is taking over as its successor right now.

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