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Feb 042019

We don’t know a lot about Nintendo’s 2019 lineup yet besides a few titles, but as you’ve probably heard, they’ve hinted that something big is coming.

During a financial results briefing, Nintendo reportedly said they have an unannounced Switch title for this fiscal year that “will make everyone happy.”

They also have at least one title planned for this year that is a good match for the Switch’s online service. It appears that these are two separate games, but that’s not entirely clear yet.

So, what could this mysterious game be?

Since it’s unannounced, it can’t be something we already know about. That leaves out Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime 4, Luigi’s Mansion 3, etc.

And since it “will make everyone happy,” that suggests it has to be a fairly popular title.

My personal theory is that they’ve decided to bring back F-Zero… but that might be reading too much into it. I remember what happened the last time a company made an announcement like this.

For a more plausible theory, I bet they’re going to reveal the next Mario or Legend of Zelda game.

What do you think Nintendo means when they say they have a 2019 game that “will make everyone happy”? Do you think it will be big news, or is it an exaggeration?

(Here’s hoping we get a Nintendo Direct soon to find out!)

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  4 Responses to “What Is Nintendo’s Mysterious Unannounced Title?”

  1. I don’t think it means anything.

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