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Sep 072018

It’s been quite a while since Capcom confirmed that Ace Attorney would be on the Switch in fiscal year 2018, and we still haven’t heard any more details.

Rumors claimed the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, a second collection containing Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice, and Ace Attorney 7 would all be announced for the Switch.

Well, we might have an answer in just a few weeks!

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 20-23, and Capcom’s schedule includes an Ace Attorney panel.

According to the official description, it will cover the latest information about the series and be “unmissable” for fans. That implies we’ll get some sort of major announcement out of it. Motohide Eshiro and Shinsuke Kodama will also be there.

Now, Motohide Eshiro has been the Ace Attorney producer for the past few entries, but Shinsuke Kodama seems to have only worked on Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright and the Dai Gyakuten Saiban games. (My heart hopes this means localization news, but TGS would be an unusual place for that.)

I think this will probably be the announcement of the next mainline Ace Attorney game. Could there be more, like the rumored collections? Maybe, since it sounds like a big event.

What do you think will be announced at Capcom’s TGS 2018 Ace Attorney panel?

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  1. […] My personal theory is that they’ve decided to bring back F-Zero… but that might be reading too much into it. I remember what happened the last time a company made an announcement like this. […]

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