Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 182020

A week ago we talked about the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, but that isn’t the only one of April’s big-name releases giving fans an early taste of the gameplay.

The Trials of Mana remake, which is due out on April 24, has a demo available now from Steam, PSN, and the eShop.

I have the Switch version of the demo downloading even as I write this. I’ve only played one Mana game, Sword of Mana on the GBA, although I did get the recent collection of the original trilogy. The Trials of Mana remake looks pretty good, so I’m excited to give the demo a try and see how it feels.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 3 is also getting a demo tonight/tomorrow. It looks like the PSN and Xbox release of the demo will be earlier than the PC version, and it’s already available in New Zealand and Australia.

Unlike the Resident Evil 2 remake demo, it doesn’t appear this one is limited in any way. I’m even more excited to try this demo once it’s available. RE2make got me hyped for this remake, but I’m still a little nervous that Resident Evil 3’s greater focus on action might come on too strong. Here’s hoping the demo feels like a survival horror game. I’m hoping for some locked doors and puzzles.

(Now that I think about it, it’s interesting that April has 3 high-profile remakes coming out, all with demos.)

Are you planning to play either the Trials of Mana demo or the Resident Evil 3 remake demo (or both)? Have you already played them? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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