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Aug 022019

We might not know what’s next for the Resident Evil series just yet, but whatever it is, it’s in-development and ready for testing.

Members of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program in Japan have received emails asking them to test an in-development game on September 8 or 9.

In addition to being part of the program, testers must have played past Resident Evil games.

So it’s clear Capcom is working on something in the series, but what could it be? Resident Evil 8? Another remake? A new spin-off?

Personally, I’m leaning toward RE3make, but who knows? With any luck, testing in early September means it won’t be long before this game is officially announced.

What do you think the next Resident Evil game is?

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  6 Responses to “Capcom is Testing a New Resident Evil Game”

  1. This article did not do the most important informative thing it could have: What is a Resident Evil Ambassador, and why does one not need to have played prior Resident Evil games to become one to begin with?

    • Sorry about that. (I was away in the morning, so I was hurrying to write this post.)

      The Resident Evil Ambassador Program is a program Capcom started around the launch of Resident Evil 7. An Ambassador is someone who shares RE news on their blog or social media, and by being part of the program, they’ll get early information sent to them (and apparently opportunities to test games, if you’re in Japan).

      You are required to say which game is your favorite when you apply to become an Ambassador, so maybe it means you need to have played several games (or maybe specific games) to participate in this test.

    • Now that it’s been extended outside of Japan, it’s clear that the requirements just say you must have played a Resident Evil game in the past, so I have no idea why that’s there when you’re already required to say which your favorite is to become an Ambassador. (Maybe it’s in case people have a favorite game from watching someone else play, without having played it personally?)

  2. Nice. Reminds me I need to play the new version of Resident Evil 2 still. Got it like a month ago. 7 was great so looking forwards to hearing more.

  3. […] let’s move on to Resident Evil. Remember the new Resident Evil game that was being tested? After a few more details came out, fans began to believe it was a new entry […]

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