Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Nov 022020

November is here! Celebrating All Things Spooky is over and the winners are being contacted, NaNoWriMo has begun and I’m 4600 words into a new novel, and it’s time to catch up on the exciting news we skipped over during October.

One of the most notable ones is the official opening of the Final Fantasy XVI website.

As expected, the website doesn’t provide a huge amount of information, but it does shed more light on the characters and world. The Final Fantasy XVI protagonist has a name now, Clive Rosfield. It also confirmed that he is literally Joshua’s older brother, which fans had been debating about.

(Although we still don’t know for sure if they’re full brothers or half-brothers, since it’s a popular theory that Clive is the duke’s illegitimate son.)

The girl seen briefly in the trailer alongside them has also been officially revealed as Jill Warrick, a ward of the Archduke who was taken from her own country to bring peace between the two nations.

Speaking of which, the website’s world section not only includes the concept art we first looked at almost a year ago now, but it also gives more information about the world of Valisthea, Eikons and the Dominants who can call upon them, and the six realms of Valisthea.

Even from the few details provided about the six different realms, I’m already excited about the potential this world holds for an exciting story.

Moving on from Final Fantasy, remember the possibility of a No More Heroes Switch port? Yep, that happened. No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 have both been released on the Switch.

If a physical edition isn’t announced soon, I’ll probably pick up the first No More Heroes since I’ve been curious about giving the series a try.

Those are probably the biggest announcements I want to bring up from October, but it’s also worth mentioning that the Crossbell games are getting Switch ports in Asia. Still no English localization, but every time Falcom does anything with Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki, it feels like our chances of seeing an official Crossbell translation get a little better.

That’s all for now. How do you feel about the new Final Fantasy XVI details, the No More Heroes Switch ports, and more Trails games coming to the Switch? Let me know in the comments!

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  6 Responses to “Final Fantasy XVI Website, No More Heroes Ports, and More!”

  1. I just wanna say that Rawk bought up both NMH and NMH2 when they came out on Switch, and he was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. He’s already marathoned through NMH.

  2. Clive Rosfield…what a name! Maybe the least Final Fantasy-esk hero name ever, haha.

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