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Oct 312020

Happy Halloween!

It’s time for a special Halloween Celebrating All Things Spooky review with a look at Spirit Hunter: Death Mark.

(That link goes to the Switch version, but it’s also available for PC, PS4, and Vita.)

Death Mark puts you in the shoes of a man with amnesia who has a strange mark on his arm… a mark that he learns heralds the bearer’s upcoming death due to being cursed by a spirit. He soon joins forces with other Mark Bearers to track down and defeat the spirits that cursed them.

It is a combination of a visual novel and an adventure game, and in some way it reminds me of Ace Attorney – if Ace Attorney had battles against deadly spirits instead of trials.

In each chapter, you investigate a haunted location with a partner. You usually get to choose your partner from 2 or 3 characters, and different characters have different skills or knowledge that can come in handy. You search locations for clues and items that can help you proceed.

Occasionally you’re placed in a deadly situation where you need to use the knowledge you’ve obtained to choose the correct answers and survive.

Then there are the battles against the spirits, in which you and your partner must use items on each turn. Once again, you’ll need to have paid attention to the clues along the way to know which items to use to survive (and which to use for the best outcome, which involves putting the spirit to rest instead of destroying it).

The story is pretty interesting, and each chapter has its own dark story as you learn about the spirit. Aside from those narrative horror aspects, Death Mark also does a great job with little unsettling touches as you explore, such as having a ghost visible while you pan your flashlight over a certain area yet disappear when you look again.

Navigating between areas was a little odd at times, but overall I found Spirit Hunter: Death Mark to be an enjoyable game and a great way to end this year’s spooky season. So if you enjoy this sort of game, be sure to check out Death Mark!

(I’m not entirely done with spooky games yet for the year, though, because I have Bloodborne in progress.)

I’ll be looking forward to playing the second game in the series at some point as well. That’s it for Celebrating All Things Spooky 2020! You have the rest of today to leave comments for the contest and get my horror novellas on sale, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the contest winners.

Happy Halloween!

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