Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 152021

Tales of Arise is out now, but don’t forget that we’ve got a new mobile Tales game on the way as well.

New details about Tales of Luminaria will be coming soon, in a live stream announced for September 24. The live stream will reveal details about the world and characters.

As we discussed before, Luminaria is a completely original game with its own cast and story, instead of being a crossover like previous mobile Tales games.

I’m still hopeful that Luminaria will be a regular game, with no gacha, but I doubt will get that information this soon.

From other comments made recently, it sounds as though mobile games are a way to bring in a more consistent stream of money while they work on new entries and remasters/remakes. I’d be happy to see that, especially since Arise feels great so far (although I dislike its DLC practices).

I just hope the western release of Luminaria isn’t left to die like Link and Rays, and I hope Crestoria sticks around long enough for me to get a device that can play it!

Anyway, after the live stream on the 24th, we should have a better picture of what Luminaria will be like.

What are you hoping to learn about Tales of Luminaria?

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