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Oct 132021

The oddly-named Sound of Drop – fall into poison – is a visual novel I picked up in a bundle quite some time ago and finally checked out this year.

It follows a girl named Mayu who goes with her friend to the local aquarium, where rumors and urban legends claim strange things happen on the night of the full moon. However, the aquarium holds special significance to Mayu – it’s the place where her sister disappeared five years ago.

When Mayu sees her sister in the aquarium, she chases after her and finds herself trapped in a twisted nightmare version of the aquarium, haunted by restless spirits.

Sound of Drop is a ghost story, and the early parts are especially dark. The horror becomes a lesser focus later on, but it still involve dealing with spirits and learning the truth about what happened in the aquarium.

You have many choices to make in this visual novel, and a good number of them lead to bad endings. There are over 25 bad endings, although unfortunately some of them are simply variations of one another that are counted as separate endings nevertheless. In addition to these abrupt death scenarios, there are also multiple main endings, including a path that can only be accessed after your first playthrough.

While the numerous bad endings can be slightly tiring, being able to quick-save ahead of any choice means it’s not so bad.

The story is interesting, if a bit confusing at times, and I liked the cast of characters. Sound of Drop – fall into poison – is a nice choice for a creepy visual novel, and learning the same developers made Fatal Twelve left me even more interested in trying that one.

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  1. Ah, I’ve actually played this one! (And FatalTwleve too). I enjoyed them both, and probably got this from the same bundle that you did 😛

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