Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Feb 112022

Our next game to discuss is a boys’ love visual novel called Blind Men, written as a parody of spy fiction.

The main character is Keegan, a young would-be super villain who hopes to be accepted into the League of Evil by proving himself with a daring scheme.

However, when it’s time to pull of his evil plan, two enemy spies end up getting in his way.

While Blind Men is a fairly short visual novel and should only take a few hours to get all the endings, choices have a fair impact on the story’s direction. You get to choose one of two possible evil plans, either kidnapping a professor or stealing a diamond, in addition to which of the two spies you end up entangled with.

Each love interest then has a few different outcomes to his route based on your choices, along with the situation being completely different depending on which plan you picked. Some of the choice consequences felt a little obscure, but that’s not too bad when it’s so short to start with.

Blind Men is pretty funny. The whole premise of playing an aspiring super villain (who tries so hard to act villainous and not be flustered by his love interests) together with the spy fiction tropes it parodies results in enough humorous moments that it made me laugh several times.

The romance feels a little lacking, unfortunately. There’s definitely flirting, you can see some chemistry building if you make the right choices, and you might be lucky enough to get an ending with implications of romance, but it comes just short of feeling truly romantic. That might be due to the short length. If the characters crossed paths more times before the ending, the romances might feel more fully-realized.

With that said, it’s still fun. Blind Men might not do the best with its romances, but it’s an entertaining spy parody with several endings to keep you trying different paths.

(On a completely different note, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 exists! I’m so excited! It looks fantastic! Also Front Mission and Radical Dreamers and Live A Live; that was a crazy Direct!)

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  1. Hahahaha I was wondering if the general Nintendo News would leak into your blog somehow 😛

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