Operation Backlog Completion 2024
May 272022

Our mystery game for today is another lighthearted one, Sudd City Adventures.

Sudd City Adventures is a point-and-click adventure game set in a world where superheroes exist. You play as Silvia, an agent assigned to manage superhero relations.

So when one superhero says his ring has been stolen, it’s up to you to investigate, question people, and establish alibis for other characters to determine the truth.

It’s very lighthearted and plays around with superhero tropes as you interact with the eccentric cast, and it takes place in the house that serves as their headquarters. Like the previous lighthearted adventure game we looked at, it’s also quite straightforward when it comes to gameplay.

Characters have problems you’ll need to solve either to get information from them or access a new part of the house. The order in which you can approach tasks is pretty linear, and you just need to find or otherwise obtain the item the character in question needs. Some characters do move to other parts of the house as you progress, so you might need to pop into various rooms to find the person you’re looking for, but otherwise your direction is quite clear-cut.

This also is another short game and only takes an hour to wrap up the whole mystery. The ending implies there will be more eventually, but I don’t know if additional content will be added to the game (since the title implies multiple adventures) or made as a sequel.

Either way, Sudd City Adventures might not be the most challenging or compelling mystery, but it’s lighthearted and amusing. And hey, it’s one of the few games in our celebration that isn’t about murder!

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