Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Feb 172023

We’ve got another indie visual novel to talk about today, this time a Christmas-themed otome called Wrapped With a Kiss.

You play Noel, a young woman who loses her job and finds herself with no choice but to move out of the city and into the small town where her sister lives.

There, she begins to settle into a new life with her sister, her niece, and the charming local carpenter as everyone prepares for Christmas.

The premise is about as classic as they get, but it’s a heartfelt story that explores these characters in a way that feels sincere and meaningful. The holiday setting adds additional charm and makes it a warm, cozy romance.

(Christmas is even more central to this story than it was in Wintertide Miracles, so I almost wish I’d read it in December instead.)

It takes only a couple of hours to finish, but despite its story length, it doesn’t feel rushed. Instead, the progression felt natural and believable. It has partial voice acting, although I found it distracting enough to have only occasional lines voiced that I turned off the voices.

Wrapped With a Kiss is a short, sweet Christmas story about family, romance, and finding what’s important in life. It might not be groundbreaking, but it’s the sort of feelgood visual novel that will leave you feeling happier afterwards.

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  4 Responses to “Celebrating All Things Romantic: Wrapped With a Kiss”

  1. Not to knock the story too much, but the premise sounds like a Hallmark movie setup. Sounds like a nice break compared to the other VNs you’ve been playing though.

  2. Agreed with the other commentor, sounds like a classic Hallmark movie, but makes sense that even VNs would sometimes move into that territory instead of *checks notes* pigeons, monsters, kaiju, etc.,

    • Keep in mind, most VNs have comparatively normal premises, even though the goofy ones with monsters and kaiju tend to get more attention outside of the visual novel niche since they stand out as odd.

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