Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 042023

With Tokyo Game Show 2023 set for September 21-24, companies are beginning to announce their lineups and schedules.

One of the most exciting for me was seeing that Level-5’s TGS 2023 lineup includes all the major upcoming games they’ve announced, including Professor Layton and the New World of Steam.

While Professor Layton won’t be playable, it will be part of their live broadcast. Since it’s the only one of their lineup not announced for 2023, a release date seems less likely for it, but I hope we at least get a release window. I also have my fingers crossed that Fantasy Life i looks as great as its predecessor.

So, what other games might we see?

Capcom’s TGS lineup includes the Apollo Justice Trilogy, which I’m happy to see. TGS is usually a prime time for me to hope for a new Ace Attorney announcement, but that’s probably unlikely with the second trilogy already slated for next year.

Instead, I’ll hope for a surprise Breath of Fire announcement, which is sadly even less likely than Ace Attorney 7. Let me dream.

Like a Dragon: Gaiden is on Sega’s list for TGS, and with the RGG Summit set right ahead of it on September 20, I have my fingers crossed for more news on Infinite Wealth and maybe even a surprise or two.

Square Enix has a number of games in its lineup that I’m looking forward to seeing, such as the new Dragon Quest Monsters game, but even though they’re not on the list, my greatest hopes for Square Enix are that we’ll get a release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV.

Listings for Rebirth have been going up at retailers, so that makes it feel more likely that they’ll announce the release date soon.

I wish the Dragon Quest III remake would make an appearance, too…

Koei Tecmo will also be at TGS 2023, with only Fate/Samurai Remnant and Atelier Resleriana listed so far, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for a surprise Fatal Frame VI announcement. Is that so much to ask? (Even a remastered collection of the original three games would be welcome.)

Many people also think Nintendo might hold a Nintendo Direct ahead of TGS, so that could lead to a number of games announced there first, too. What are you hoping or expecting to see at TGS 2023?

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