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Sep 232020

The Tokyo Game Show begins tomorrow, so let’s talk about some hopes and predictions.

(Keep in mind that since this is a Japanese event, localization news from TGS is pretty unlikely.)

Ace Attorney 7 got its own article, and I’m still hopeful it will appear in one of Capcom’s scheduled “Additional Information” time slots.

Final Fantasy XVI had been a possibility, but it was announced at the PS5 showcase instead. While there’s still a chance it could appear at TGS, I don’t think we’ll hear much about it until 2021.

Square Enix has scheduled a “We Have a Decent Amount of New Info” presentation for the Nier series tomorrow. I’m hopeful this means we’ll finally get a good look at the Nier Replicant remaster/remake.

Babylon’s Fall is also listed in their lineup. It’s not on the schedule, but I’m hoping for at least a full trailer to finally show us what the game is like, if not a release date.

Jumping back to Capcom, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is featured in their lineup and on their schedule. I really want to see what the combat system is like in the sequel, so even though they didn’t devote much time to it in the Monster Hunter Direct, maybe we’ll get a more extensive preview at TGS.

Sega and Atlus will probably show more of Shin Megami Tensei V, and Sega also has a time slot that includes “the latest information concerning the Yakuza series.” Yakuza 7 came out in Japan in January, so it could be time for a new game announcement… perhaps Judgment 2? I’d also really like to see an announcement of a Kenzan Kiwami, since they previously said Kenzan getting a Kiwami remake is its best chance at localization.

Of course, I’d love to get a The World Ends With You sequel announcement (but I don’t expect it), news on Bayonetta 3 (it has to happen eventually), and remasters/ports of No More Heroes I & II (GungHo Online Entertainment is there, so maybe?), and I greatly need a Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 trailer, but that seems pretty unlikely.

What do you hope and/or expect to see at TGS?

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  4 Responses to “TGS 2020 Hopes and Predictions”

  1. Anything relating to CAPCOM was a disappointment.

    Even Monster Hunter Stories 2 which got…nothing shown.

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