Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 082016

Step 2 of Operation Backlog Completion. After looking at the oldest games in my backlog last week, I’ll now look at the newest.

Since I have a lot more new games to play than old games, I’m narrowing the field… only games from 2015 and 2016 will appear on this list.

January 2015

Grim-Fandango-remasteredThe first month of last year released two games that eventually found their way onto my backlog. First, Grim Fandango Remastered, an adventure game I’d been interested in since before it was remastered. I received it as a gift, and I can’t wait to play it to see if it lives up to my hopes!

Next, Life Is Strange entered my backlog… just last week, when I picked up some games from the Square Enix Humble Bundle. I’ve heard good recommendations, although what I’d seen of it didn’t really appeal to me. Still, I paid $1 for it and a few other games in the bundle, so it’s worth a try. Ludwig thinks it’s better than Undertale, so I have to try it now.

May 2015

That’s right, we have to jump to May for the next new games on my backlog. One is an indie game you might not have heard of, Last Word. It’s a strange RPG in which you battle through the power of conversation. Seems like a fun concept, and I think it will be enjoyable.

Witcher-The-Wild-HuntThen, of course, there’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Yes, I know I planned to play it when it came out. Yes, I know I intended to play the first two games last year, too. At least I caught up on the novels, right?

June 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight was a veritable disaster on the PC, but I got it for free with my new graphics card, so I can’t complain. I’ve just been reluctant to start, knowing it’s still not as good as it could have been.

August 2015

August saw the release of two RPGs in my backlog thanks to a Steam sale, Labyronia RPG and Labyronia RPG 2. I don’t know much about them, but they get decent reviews… and they were on sale for $0.50.

…As a bundle.

Each game cost a quarter.

A larger RPG release is the Grandia II Anniversary Edition, which I’ve been excited about. I never played the first Grandia, but people say you don’t have to. It looks like Grandia II will be my introduction to the series.

Finally, Steins;Gate should arrive at my door any minute now. It’s a visual novel that stars a self-proclaimed mad scientist… how could I say no? I’d had my eye on it for a while, and last week the PS Vita version went on sale. Now that I have a Vita, I couldn’t resist. I hope to play this one soon.

October 2015

October saw the launch of two big games for me. I bought Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water before I could actually download it, to show my support for the series and survival horror in general. Although I’ve yet to play any previous Fatal Frame games, I hope I’ll enjoy this one.

Zestiria LP screenshot (183)Then, of course, there was my much-hyped Tales of Zestiria, which I’m currently playing (and logging my progress for all of you to follow along). It will likely be the first new game to disappear from my backlog, as I’m making excellent progress.

November 2015

When I tell people I’m playing a game called G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String, they tend to react oddly. Then I tell them the “G-String” is a music reference dealing with violins, and everything returns to normal. Devil on a G-String is a visual novel described by fans as a “mystery-thriller” or “detective story.” Sounds right up my alley.

November also saw the launch of another anticipated game of mine, Yo-Kai Watch. I’m playing it now, so it should follow Zestiria off the backlog. I’m enjoying it… except for the monster-collecting, which is sort of a central feature. Oops.

December 2015 – January 2016

The most recent games on this list… I don’t technically have yet. One isn’t even out. However, I intend to buy Xenoblade Chronicles X this week, and pre-order Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam in time for its release.

I felt as though my backlog was slowing sinking under the weight of new games, but it’s not as bad as I thought! What do you think of these games? What are the newest games on your backlog? Let me know in the comments!

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  20 Responses to “Newest Games in My Backlog”

  1. Good quality backlog ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like your OBC and try to emulate it!

    Grim Fandango is superb (still playing it, as well as Broken Age).
    The Witcher 3 goes on my ‘far away’ backlog – like when I have several months free time LOL. Same with XCX.
    Zestiria is on my current ‘fresh’ backlog.
    Steins;Gate I have and plan to play this year.
    And I’m interested in Life is Strange and may pick it up on PSN sometime.
    Don’t play PC games so can’t comment on those.

    • Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€ What do you think of Broken Age? I loved the first part, but the second part disappointed me.

      Last year, I intended to read all the Witcher books, play The Witcher 1 and 2, and start Wild Hunt shortly after it launched. …Well, I read all the books.

  2. โ€œLudwig thinks itโ€™s better than Undertale, so I have to try it now.โ€

    I wouldn’t put too much stock into that!

    (I really do need to actually play Yoshi’s Woolly World though.)

  3. Have you started life is strange or grim fandango yet? grim fandango is fantastic , and for some reason i really loved life is strange. ME and my friend well we both loved it

    • I still haven’t started either. Maybe once I finish Muv-Luv, I’ll try one of those next.

      • Muv- Luv not heard about that sound intersting. Btw if you do end up trying grim fandango you should give days of the tentacle a shot too.

        • Muv-Luv is a visual novel considered by many people to be one of the greatest visual novels ever (particularly when taking its sequel into account). It was finally officially translated this year.

          • hmm… sounds intersting… still not started steins gate, but where would you put it compared to that. And is great that is sequel is good. Is that rare or not for visual novels?

            • I’ve only played the first half of Muv-Luv so far, so I haven’t gotten to what most people consider the good part yet. So we’ll see, haha.

              I haven’t played enough visual novels yet to know what’s rare and what isn’t, haha.

              Okay, you asked about the most recent games I finished, didn’t you? I just finished Suikoden (enjoyed it), Cthulhu Saves the World (liked it a lot, holding a giveaway here on the blog for it), and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (also very good).

              Before that, I played Spirit of Justice (excellent), Affordable Space Adventures (pretty great), and Eternal Darkness (fantastic if you like Lovecraftian horror).

              I also played Gunman Clive (good), A.W. Phoenix Festa (not recommended), Dust: An Elysian Tail (good, weak ending), I Am Setsuna (so much missed potential), Rhythm Thief (loved it and I don’t even like rhythm games), and Uncharted 2 (glad I tried it).

              And I think we’ve already talked about several of the games I played before that this year, like Steins;Gate.

              • i see. Fair enough.

                I only played 999, virtue last reward and phoniex wright . Only finished 999 of them tough.

                Hmm suikoden as the first? well i agree it was great and the second game is even better IMO. Never heard about it ,but looks like a rpg of some sort ,and good scores on steam so intersting.
                Shantae: Riskyโ€™s Revenge Will take a look at it, heard about it , seems to get good scores on most platforms both critic and especially users. What platforms?

                Spirit of justice ,might give it a shot down the line. Havent heard about affordable space adventures.
                Eternal darkness. Depends would you but it as more scary then silent hill 2? i might have to try getting it on emulator as to find a fair copy here in norway is hard and my gamecube just said enough was enough and broke 3 -4 weeks ago.

                Heard of Gunman Clive , the screenshot makes it look intersting.
                Dust: An Elysian Tail heard of it will take a look. Weak endings is always a pain. Yeah i heard, will probably stay away from that one. Never played rhytm game, but perhaps i will give it a shot.
                What did you think about uncharted 2? is still imo one of the better 7gen games out there even tough is a long time since i played it , so my opinion might have a changed a small bit.

                • Yep, I played the first Suikoden (and reviewed it).
                  Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is available on almost everything now. I played it on PC, but it was originally a DSi game (and I think it’s on the 3DS virtual console), that was also brought to the Wii U, PS4, and iOS.

                  Affordable Space Adventures is fun if you like puzzle games (and a game that actually makes good use of the Wii U GamePad).
                  Hmm… I’d say if you go into Eternal Darkness without knowing its “tricks” in advance, it could be scarier than Silent Hill 2. If you do know what it’s infamous for, like I did, it’s not very scary but it’s still an interesting story.

                  I heard Dust ran up against a deadline, so they had to rewrite the ending to cut an entire story arc, and I think that’s what makes the ending weak.
                  Rhythm Thief is definitely worth playing. ๐Ÿ˜€
                  I enjoyed Uncharted 2, and I think we already discussed it a lot.

                  • i see. Well perhaps i should give the pc version a shoot eventually.

                    Again it depends on the puzzle games ,but i will take a look.
                    I see. Well i assume is best to try and go in without knowing its tricks. Cuz i was just going trough sh 2 in my mind when i went to bed yesterday and i remember oh man there are some pretty creepy moments in this game.

                    I see. That i just lame. Always bad when you get a weak ending , and the cut of an entire story arc. I really wished game developers instead of rushing it or revrite it could simple delay it.
                    I will do just that.
                    Yeah i think your right. I was thinking about, i am soon done with kotor 2 , to start either with Gabriels Knight, Shenume on my dreamcast emulator or at least give the emulator a go or Penubra , perhaps even syberia. Have you ever played any of these or broken sword?

                    • Also have you ever tried myst or riven and if so what version is the suggest one on on steam?

                    • Yeah, Silent Hill 2 can be pretty creepy. ๐Ÿ˜€

                      Since Dust is an indie game, I’m not sure why they couldn’t delay it, but oh well…

                      I watched a playthrough of Shenmue, but I haven’t played it or any of the others yet.

                      I’ve never played Myst or Riven.

              • yeah we mentioned Steins Gate so many games i need to play… Perhaps i will start it when i get home

                • yeah it can and if anything is creepier then that, then is a no go for me. Witch is weird because i find horror movies overall ok.

                  hmm yeah well still it got pretty damn good ratings on steam.

                  i see, you going to play shenmue 2 before 3 ?

                  ah see, i had hoped you had:)

                  • Interesting, because I’m the exact opposite. I’ll try most horror games, but I don’t like horror movies at all.

                    Yeah, Dust was still good overall. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    I don’t know if I’d really enjoy playing the Shenmue games myself, so I’m watching another playthrough.

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