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Feb 282016

Tales-of-Innocence-RMany games in the Tales series have been localized, but not all of them. A few main-series titles never made it out of Japan, including Tales of Innocence R.

Tales of Innocence was initially released for the DS. It tells the story of a merchant’s son who rescues a fugitive and learns he has special powers from his past life.

Like Tales of Hearts, another DS game, it was remade for the PS Vita. However, while Tales of Hearts R was localized, neither Innocence nor Innocence R ever was.

Today, Mission Atelier is hosting a localization campaign for Tales of Innocence R. If you’re interested in playing this game in the West, today’s the day to tell Bandai Namco!

There are several ways you can show your interest.

  • Send a physical letter to Bandai Namco:
    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
    1740 Technology Drive, Suite 600
    San Jose, CA 95110

  • Call Bandai Namco:
    Phone: 1 (408) 235-2000
    Toll-Free: 1 (888) 776-2626

  • Send a message to or leave a comment on the official Bandai Namco Facebook page
  • Send a Tweet about it to Bandai Namco
  • Send a Tweet about it to Gio Corsi using the #buildingthelist hashtag

You can find more details about the game and campaign at the official event page. While I don’t know much about Innocence R, I want to play as many Tales games as possible, this one included.

What do you say? Let’s get Tales of Innocence R localized!

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