Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 262018

Earlier this year, I set a series of writing goals to complete by 2019.

With the new year on the horizon, it’s time to take a look back and see how things went.

I set goals to:

  • Finish and revise A Prince’s Price.
  • Create an outline for the revisions of The Threshing Night.
  • If The Nightbringer has not been successful, turn it over to someone to critique.
  • Search for an agent for Agent of the Relari, Penteract of Blood, The Nightbringer, and The Time of Adversity.
  • Have at least 3 short stories either accepted or actively submitted to markets.
  • Join a new (paying) video game job.
  • Manage at least 2 side websites for passive income.
  • Participate in at least 3 book signing events.

I finished A Prince’s Price, revised it, and sent it to someone to critique, and now I’m making further revisions based on that critique. So while it’s not quite ready to go yet, I did accomplish what I set out to do.

However, I completely neglected The Threshing Night. In its place, I wrote the rough drafts for two new novels, one epic fantasy and one YA fantasy romance.

After some… missteps, I did find a new reader for The Nightbringer and have gotten some feedback already. Now I’m just waiting for the rest of her critique so I can begin editing.

I continued to search for an agent. Although I haven’t had success so far, I did get my first full request for Starlight and Steel (formerly known as The Time of Adversity).

Moving on to short stories, 2018 saw the completion of Darkling’s Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side, which I have a poem in.

For the goal itself, I’ve had two short story acceptances I hope to reveal more details about soon, with two other stories I’ve been submitting to markets.

As a game writer, I handled the scripts for several mobile visual novels and also joined a few new projects, so things are right on track!

Now let’s take a look at the next goal, “manage at least 2 side websites for passive income.” Since I don’t like to have ads on this site, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with side websites to see if I could draw in passive income from ads.

Well, I am running two additional websites: KH Theories for discussions of Kingdom Hearts theories and Lovecraft Video Games to review games inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

The “income” part of the goal has yet to work out, however. On the other hand, the sites are still small, so it will be interesting to revisit this next year to see if anything has changed.

Finally, I wanted to participate in at least three book signing events, and I did: one at In Your Write Mind, one at my local fall festival, and one at the local BookFest.

So not everything worked out, but all in all, it was a good year. If you set any goals for yourself for 2018, how did it go?

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