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Jul 152019

In a new video from Level-5’s virtual Youtuber, it was revealed that the first Yo-Kai Watch game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Early reports said it would release alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite, but that might not be the case. Rather, she says you’ll be able to play Ni No Kuni at launch (as the Switch version comes out September 20) and play Yo-Kai Watch 1 later on.

No release date for Yo-Kai Watch 1 on the Switch has been announced yet.

I enjoyed the original Yo-Kai Watch despite its flaws, and although I still haven’t gotten around to Yo-Kai Watch 2, I hope to soon

(I’d like to play Yo-Kai Watch 3, but since physical copies have become incredibly rare despite its North American release being just earlier this year, right now I’m just hoping Level-5 follows this by bringing Yo-Kai Watch 2 and 3 to the Switch as well.)

Since there hasn’t been an official reveal yet, we don’t know if this will be a port or a remake… but they almost have to make some changes to the gameplay due to the game’s use of the touchscreen. Yo-Kai Watch 4, which came out for the Switch in Japan on June 20, made significant changes to the combat. I doubt Yo-Kai Watch 1’s combat will be revamped to that degree, but they’ll need to do something since there’s only one screen.

Mobile ports of Yo-Kai Watch were originally announced and then never heard from again, so maybe the Switch version will make use of whatever they intended to do there.

I probably won’t play it again unless there are significant changes, but it’s a nice opportunity for new fans to get into the series. What do you think about the first Yo-Kai Watch coming to the Switch?

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