Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 182019

After learning Yakuza 7 will be turn-based and titled Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the west, TGS revealed a wealth of new details we haven’t gotten to talk about yet.

Several new mini-games were revealed, starting with Dragon Kart!

Yes, Yakuza now will have its own kart racing mini-game, complete with item pick-ups to give you a boost or attack your opponents with.

There is also a movie theater mini-game where Ichiban will need to fight sleepiness by repelling sheep so he can stay awake for the entire move.

Finally, they revealed a PachiSlot mini-game that will include collaborations with actual Pachislot games.

A story trailer was also released. While it covers a lot of the same points as the original announcement trailer, it includes new details as well, especially near the end where it shows some of the characters and factions Ichiban will encounter.

What we were really waiting for, however, was seeing the game in action at TGS. A demo was shown, which also revealed a can collection mini-game and a Summons system – Ichiban will be able to summon allies during battle by using his phone. And of course, it showed off the new turn-based combat system.

There had been some mystery leading up to TGS, with fans unsure if combat would be like the April Fools Day joke or not and the director saying it would be fast-paced and might feel like an action game if you didn’t know.

So from TGS, we finally got to see the new combat system.


It pretty much looks like a turn-based RPG to me.

I expect Yakuza: Like a Dragon to be a fun turn-based game, but this certainly didn’t calm the worries of people who expected it to be slow-paced.

How do you feel about the next Yakuza game? What do you think about the new details and gameplay footage revealed for Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

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