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Oct 072019

A friend recently recommended that I check out the FAITH series of horror games, so when Ocober arrived, I went to itch.io and picked up FAITH.

(It’s available for free, but paying at least $1.00 like I did gets you the Deluxe version that comes with some bonuses.)

FAITH has simple, retro-style pixel graphics and pretty simple gameplay.

Set in the 1980s, you play a priest who participated in an exorcism that went badly a year earlier and now returns to the house in search of answers and closure.

There are two controls: you can walk, and you can raise your cross to exorcise things. The start of the game didn’t impress me too much. You’re walking through the woods leading to the house, and you can exorcise objects in the environment to get notes that flesh out the story a bit.

Once you get to the house, you’re still collecting notes, but you also begin to have more direct confrontations with the demon plaguing it, which adds more tension.

It took me a little over an hour to finish. There are multiple endings, but it comes down to a fairly straightforward choice at the end. Some of the endings imply different things about what happened during the game, adding to the ambiguity already present because of the premise.

Anyway, I walked away from the game thinking it was a bit creepy but nothing special, but the ambiguous story details ended up lingering in the back of my mind longer than I expected, keeping me up as I tried to sleep. It left me interested enough to try the sequel, so we might be discussing that this October as well!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a short, minimalist horror game, FAITH is available on itch.io.

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  8 Responses to “Celebrating All Things Spooky: FAITH”

  1. Me! Me! I’m the friend that recommended this game!
    I promise, Chapter Two gets way crazier.

  2. “(It’s available for free, but paying at least $1.00 gets you the Deluxe version that comes with some bonuses.)”

    You never specified in the article if you got it for free or spent that dollar.

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