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Dec 162019

Today, Square Enix revealed a new batch of art and screenshots from the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

They shared two new pieces of art, one of Tifa looking up at the night sky and one of Sephiroth walking through the flames.

This scene is then shown a second time, as their new screenshots of Sephiroth include him inside a building, possibly the Shinra Building, and then a screenshot of him with the fire behind him. There have been a lot of questions about how this game is going to handle Sephiroth since it focuses on Midgar, so these two screenshots raise a lot of possibilities.

First, does this mean we’ll actually see Sephiroth during the Shinra Building section of the game?

I like the creepy buildup in the original of following the blood trail and only seeing the results of Sephiroth’s passage, but I can see why for the remake, they might want to show him here instead.

Second, since the scene with Sephiroth in the flames keeps being shown, does that mean we’re going to see that flashback sequence?

I can imagine them handling this in three possible ways. Either we’ll get brief flashback snippets throughout the full game without seeing the entire thing, they’ve changed when that section of the game occurs in order to show the flashback sequence before the party leaves Midgar, or this first game will actually include Kalm.

Either way, I hope the full flashback is still playable in the remake, instead of being just a cutscene, whether we get to it in this game or the next.

The next screenshots show President Shinra, whom we previously saw as a hologram projection in one of the trailers, and Heidegger. (I thought this was the first time they showed Heidegger in the remake, but he actually appeared in a trailer back in June and I somehow forgot. Sorry, Heidegger.)

We’ve also gotten our first details on the new Soldier character shown previously. His name is Roche, he loves bikes, and apparently his allies find him annoying. He’s also described as being a “3-C SOLDIER turned rebel,” so maybe he’s actually an ally instead of an enemy.

Roche is probably the part of the remake I’m the least enthused about right now. Adding a new character could work out fine, but I’m just not sold on him yet.

There are new screenshots of Aerith in combat, along with the introduction of her MP-draining “Soul Drain” ability and defensive “Lustrous Shield” ability. There are new screenshots of Shiva, as well.

Then it’s time for the Train Graveyard. The Train Graveyard is one of the areas that’s been expanded for the remake, with new dialogue and story content added for this area. That sounds interesting to me. In contrast to my doubts about Roche, I’m all in favor of expanding Midgar with new dialogue and stories to make the city feel more alive, and I can’t wait to see the sorts of things they do.

Finally, the post concludes with some screenshots from the Shinra Building.

Final Fantasy VII Remake looks absolutely beautiful, and I’m really excited to play it when it comes out in March. I had some concerns when it was first announced, but now I’m on board.

What do you think about the latest screenshots? How do you think the Sephiroth flashback will be handled? Do you see Roche as a welcome addition or a potential weak link? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  2 Responses to “New Final Fantasy VII Screenshots Show Sephiroth, Train Graveyard, and More”

  1. I really wish they had left this with the original team that were working on it in 2015 still. Square have made it look way too bright and clean. Even the frigging Train graveyard..it looks beaten up, but still clean. The original game had a gritty look, especially through Midgar. Sephiroth just looks terrible.

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