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Mar 252020

Silent Hill rumors have been rampant lately, from the claim that Konami is developing a Silent Hill reboot and an episodic spin-off, to the more recent rumor that Sony wants to buy the Silent Hill IP and have Kojima develop a new Silent Hill game.

Well, Konami has officially denied these rumors.

According to Rely on Horror, who initially reported the reboot/spin-off rumors, a North American PR representative for Konami said, “We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true.”

However, they did reiterate that the Silent Hill series is not gone forever.

Some people believe Konami is simply denying the rumors because nothing has been officially announced yet, but since this isn’t the usual “we have no news to report at this time” style of response developers usually give, the outright denial makes me think they’re serious.

I had no enthusiasm for the rumored reboot and spin-off, and I was skeptical about the Sony rumors as well. It’s sad, but I’ve gotten so used to the idea of Silent Hill being dead that seeing this denial barely moved me at all. I can’t imagine Silent Hill returning in a form that actually feels like Silent Hill.

But maybe I’m being pessimistic. What do you think the future of Silent Hill holds?

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  4 Responses to “Konami Denies Silent Hill Rumors”

  1. Feeling the same way, I can’t imagine them doing another good one. Glad it they turned out not to bed true. It’s annoying so many indies tried to emulate the Silent Hills formula, I really didn’t care for the demo at all. Repeating hallways seems like something that would normally be pretty much universally disliked so it’s weird people loved it.

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