Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 122021

We have yet to see more from Final Fantasy XVI, but it sounds like development is going quite well.

In a broadcast about Final Fantasy XIV (which I didn’t watch since I don’t want to see spoilers for the later expansions), Yoshida discussed Final Fantasy XVI briefly after Yoko Taro joked that he wants to write its scenario.

According to the translations here, Final Fantasy XVI’s scenario is complete and voice acting has entered the final stages – including the English voice acting.

They want their next reveal to include combat and other features that haven’t been shown yet and want it to be the sort of trailer that makes everyone want to get the game after seeing it.

Apparently they were surprised by the number of people who expected it to be shown at E3, since it wasn’t announced as part of their lineup. It probably won’t be featured at TGS, either (although it sounds like that isn’t completely out of the question). Once everything for the game is set, we’ll get to see it.

While I’m dying to learn more about Final Fantasy XVI, I don’t mind this approach. It’s good to know the scenario is complete, and I’ll be looking forward to that eventual trailer. I hope they’re still able to show it this year.

Some people seem to be taking this as a sign that the game won’t be out for a long time, but the voice acting being in its final stages makes me think the opposite. Maybe the release date isn’t too far off after all.

How do you feel about this approach to Final Fantasy XVI, with the developers waiting for one big reveal instead of a slow release of information? When do you think we’ll see Final Fantasy XVI?

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