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Dec 062021

The Game Awards takes place this Thursday, and there’s a big change for me – for once, I won’t be desperately hoping for a shred of Bayonetta 3 news as I watch!

Ever since Bayonetta 3 was announced at the Game Awards in 2017, each year we went without any news had me waiting for the Game Awards because surely this year it would be there.

(It never was.)

Now that we’ve actually gotten a Bayonetta 3 trailer, I’m no longer anxious for news. I’d love to see a new trailer, but I won’t be disappointed if we don’t.

Instead, here are some other games I’d love to see at the Game Awards this year.

Final Fantasy XVI

Ever since the Final Fantasy XVI reveal, I’ve been waiting to learn more about the game, and last year left us with the assurance that we’d learn more in 2021. Well, we’re running out of time in 2021, and the Game Awards could be the place to show it. We still know so little about Final Fantasy XVI that I’m really hoping to see more soon.

Chrono Cross Remaster

There have been so many rumors about the supposed Chrono Cross remaster at this point that it seems all but confirmed. December 9 is also the day the Another Eden x Chrono Cross crossover event begins. I’ve never played Chrono Cross, so I’m interested in learning about the remaster if it exists.

Yakuza Kenzan Localization

Look, I need one impossible hope to replace Bayonetta 3.

But it also would be nicely positioned after the Kenzan live stream this week, just saying.


Yep, that’s all I’ve got. I’ve learned to temper my expectations for the announcements at the Game Awards, but sometimes they do have some big ones. What do you think (or hope) will be announced?

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  2 Responses to “Hopes for The Game Awards 2021 Announcements”

  1. I have no hopes at all and assume it’ll be miserable like every year.
    I only hope it won’t drag on allll night.

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