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Dec 082021

When we discussed Tales of Luminaria back in August, I said, “I really hope this isn’t a sign that Crestoria will be shut down like the others.”

Sadly, it was.

Tales of Crestoria will be shut down on February 6. This isn’t just a shutdown in the west like what happened to Rays, either. It’s shutting down in Japan as well.

I’ve seen fans saying there were warning signs before the announcement of Luminaria that Bandai Namco no longer saw Crestoria as a priority, but it’s still disappointing.

The story of Crestoria will be continued in another form, although they haven’t explained that yet. I’ve heard it has a good story, which is why I was hoping to play it someday when I had a device that could run it.

Personally, I wish they’d release an offline version or a non-mobile game, but that seems unlikely.

More than anything else, this announcement makes me lack confidence in mobile Tales games. Tales of Link? Gone. Tales of the Rays? Still going in Japan, but shut down in the west. Tales of Crestoria? Shutting down in February. I’m intrigued by Tales of Luminaria, but who knows how long it will be around for?

(It’s unfortunate that online-only mobile games seems to be the go-to format for smaller spin-off titles now, too.)

How do you feel about Tales of Crestoria and its impending shutdown? How do you think they will handle the continuation of the story?

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  2 Responses to “Tales of Crestoria is Shutting Down”

  1. It’s a shame it is shutting down, but I admit I also stopped playing a while ago. I briefly went back for the one-year anniversary, but I couldn’t find it in me to auto-grind through endless battles even for a decent story.

    I am playing and enjoying Luminaria, and it’s a very different game in the sense that there isn’t a single cameo Tales character involved in the story, not even in minor roles (though I expect there will be bonus costumes and the like eventually) so that is one thing that gives me some hope for it. Though it would be nice if more games followed KHuX and made at least some things available offline…

    • Right, I was much more interested in Luminaria when I learned it had a completely original cast instead of being another crossover game (which is what everyone thought Crestoria was until they started announcing past Tales characters).

      More games going offline after being shut down would be nice. The only other one I can think of that did that is Egglia (which is now getting a Switch version, too).

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