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Mar 292023

Grasshopper Manufacture has launched a countdown website to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with the message “Something’s gonna happen.”

The countdown will end on June 9, so it’s quite a ways off – just over 71 days from the time it went live.

They’re clearly teasing news… but what kind? A Lollipop Chainsaw remake is set to be released this year, but since Grasshopper Manufacture is not involved with it, it’s unlikely to be related to that.

So then what could this mysterious countdown be for?

The company’s anniversary is on March 30, which made me wonder if the end date of June 9 is significant to the announcement itself. June 9, 2005 was the original Japanese release date of Killer7. Since then, Killer7 received a PC port, but isn’t available on any other modern consoles. Back in 2019, Suda51 said in an interview with Nintendo Life that Killer7 only contains 1/3 of his original script and that he hoped to make a complete version of Killer7 in the future. Could this countdown end with the announcement of the long-awaited extended Killer7?

On the other hand, maybe the countdown date isn’t important. In 2021, Suda51 reiterated that he wanted to remaster Flower, Sun, and Rain and even had a partner picked out to handle it.

Suda51 also said in 2021 that Grasshopper Manufacture would make three new IP over the next ten years, so this announcement could be for something entirely new.

Of all of these possibilities, I lean toward Killer7 the most because of the release date. One way or another, we’ll find out in a few months. What do you think Grasshopper Manufacture’s countdown is for?

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  1. […] you might logically assume that’s that the Grasshopper Manufacture countdown was for, since the countdown was set to end tomorrow, but they recently updated the website to end […]

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