Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 262024

The Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is now out, bringing the 4th, 5th, and 6th mainline games to modern platforms at last.

Sadly, my hope that the secret artwork unlocked for completing all three games would actually be an Ace Attorney 7 tease came to nothing… and I didn’t even have to play the games to find out, as Capcom just straight-up showed the art in a trailer.

They’re even selling the art prints, although the price is a bit steep for me.

Anyway, while that hope might have been dashed, we have a different reason to be optimistic for Ace Attorney’s future!

Not only are things looking better than ever, with high sales numbers and even a physical release of the Switch version in North America, but Capcom has officially confirmed that the series will continue.

In a recent interview with 4Gamer, translated here by Nintendo Everything, Apollo Justice Trilogy producer Kenichi Hashimoto wouldn’t give specifics, but said, “I can say that the Ace Attorney series will not be stopping, so in that sense I think you can look forward to what is coming.” That’s as good a sign as any – if they had no intention of making a new Ace Attorney game, they could have given a simple “nothing to announce at this time” response.

(You know, like how they did back in the day when I used to email Capcom asking about Ace Attorney Investigations 2.)

Some fans have still taken this to mean that we’ll just continue to get remasters and ports and nothing else, but it was just a few years ago that it seemed like we’d never get anything but the original trilogy, so Ace Attorney’s situation has already improved quite a bit.

I’m more optimistic than ever for the Ace Attorney series, and I believe we’ll get news sooner rather than later. Will it be in a Nintendo Direct, like when the Ghost Trick remaster was announced? Will it be at a Capcom showcase, like the Apollo Justice Trilogy? Or will Capcom simply drop the news randomly on Twitter one day, like they did with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? However they choose to reveal it, I think we’ll actually see a new Ace Attorney game announced soon… dare I hope it will be this year?

When do you think the next Ace Attorney game will be announced?

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  2 Responses to “No AA7 Tease Yet, But Capcom Says the Ace Attorney Series Will Continue”

  1. I’m hoping for Miles Edgeworth Investigations collection, a new release of Phoenix Wright vs Ace Attorney (perfect timing with Layton coming back!) and… well, they have Phoenix and Edgeworth as the hosts of the ongoing Capcom awards, which seems like a good sign!

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