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Aug 052014

By now, you probably know I love survival horror. I’m very outspoken in my displeasure with what the Resident Evil series has become. I never played or even watched Resident Evil 6, I consider Revelations a halfway attempt to return to series roots, and my enthusiasm for Resident Evil 7 is… low, to say the least.

But today, Capcom announced a remake of REmake!

Those of you who aren’t Resident Evil fans might think I’m crazy now, so let me explain. In 2002, Capcom completely re-made the original Resident Evil. The new version came out for the GameCube and is generally considered to be one of the best Resident Evil games. Since it was a remake of “RE,” fans nicknamed it “REmake.” It was ported to the Wii in 2009 as Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil. That’s the version I played. It’s truly superb.

And now it’s being remade again. Wii U owners might want to look into the Wii version, though, because the remake of REmake is coming out for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.<

It will be released in early 2015, and it will only be available digitally.

So far they’ve only mentioned updates to graphics and audio, as well as an alternate control scheme (in case you don’t want to play with tank controls), and promise “no unnecessary changes.” Additionally, the “tempo and flow” of the game have been left alone. This means it’ll be classic survival horror at its finest, brought to a new audience.

All right!

Okay, it’s not a REmake-style remake of RE2, which is what I really wanted, it’s not a brand new survival horror game, and it’s not coming out for the Wii U (at least the Wii U has a different big-name survival horror title). But it’s still a classic survival horror game. To me, this means Capcom is willing to give the classic style another chance.

If it does well, who knows? We could see RE2make or even a classic-style RE7.

The Resident Evil Facebook page posted a lot of great screenshots. I’m sure more updates will be posted there first, so check it out.

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