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Sep 192015

Ace-Attorney-6-ApolloThat’s right, another special post on a non-blogging day (aye and on one of our special holidays, at that, ye scallywags)!

Last night, Capcom held a special Ace Attorney 6 stage show for TGS 2015. I didn’t watch it because it was entirely in Japanese… and the last time I tried that, I understood so little it was better to wait for the translation.

Anyway, the stage show included an extended trailer that revealed Apollo Justice as a returning character. Many people already gave up on seeing Apollo and Athena for some reason, so it’s good to have an early reveal.

But it’s more interesting than just Apollo’s return. In the trailer, he says:

“I’m fine! Even if Mr. Wright’s not here, I can fight! I have to win… even if that person is my opponent…!”

At first, I thought the line about Phoenix being “not here” meant Apollo might be handling cases back home, but the image shows him in the Kurain court. His reference to “that person,” however, has caused a great deal of speculation. Let’s take a look.

Coupled with Apollo’s statement, the silhouette at the end is likely the new prosecutor, much like the silhouetted glimpse of Blackquill in Dual Destinies trailers. But why would Apollo refer to “that person” as though they’re someone to be feared?

It’s a line clearly written to invite theories, and the final image only increases it.

Ace-Attorney-6-that-person-butterflyThe pink butterfly made some fans immediately think of a Kurain-related character with a butterfly motif, but while she’d definitely qualify for the sinister that person descriptor, it seems a stretch even for Capcom.

So, who else could this mysterious prosecutor be?

A user over at Court-Records brightened the image and traced it to get a clearer image. The result shows someone who is either bald, wearing a hat, or wearing a hood (personally, I think it looks like a hat), with their hand raised near the butterfly. Some sort of material seems to attach their hat to their wrist.

Here are some possibilities that have been suggested:

  • Iris – This is an easy jump to make if you connect the motif to Dahlia, but there’s no reason for Apollo to give her such a sinister build-up. It also seems odd to make her a prosecutor…
  • Maya – Why would they bring Maya back as a prosecutor? It would be an interesting twist… but I don’t see enough evidence to suggest it.
  • Winston or Gaspen Payne – With a pink butterfly motif?
  • Kristoph Gavin – It’s a stretch, but I can Kristoph symbolized by a butterfly. I can see his braid in the silhouette if I try hard enough. And I have absolutely no idea why the coolest defense in the west would be prosecuting. Maybe another member of the family, out for revenge against Apollo?
  • Juniper Woods – If that’s a hat, it could conceivably be Juniper, except she was studying to be a judge, not a prosecutor.
  • Robin Newman – Robin could return as a prosecutor, but I really don’t see the pink butterfly as a match.
  • Thalassa – Well, this would definitely return to a loose end from Apollo Justice, but is even Capcom crazy enough to do something like this?
  • Edgeworth – If he dresses like his father, there’s a case for it… but butterflies?
  • von Karma’s granddaughter – A minor detail never played with in the Ace Attorney series is that Franziska has an older sister, who has a child – the granddaughter Manfred references in the first game. Given Ace Attorney ages, she’d be old enough to prosecute by AA6 and could follow in her grandfather’s footsteps.
  • A brand new character – This is honestly the theory I lean toward the most. The quote is there to draw attention, and the character’s significance will be built up in the game rather than from the series’ past. It might just indicate that this will be a big challenge for Apollo.

Check out the new gameplay footage from the stage show helpfully compiled by a fan, and share your thoughts on Ace Attorney 6 and the mysterious prosecutor in the comments below. Let the speculation commence!

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  182 Responses to “Apollo Faces “That Person” in Ace Attorney 6”

  1. Voting brand new character.

  2. Alternatively, Clay Terran zombie.

  3. how about Athena ?

  4. it has been confirmed that both Phoenix and Apollo the two playable characters, that this game will not only take place in japan and that we will face a porsecutor who has never lost

    • Yes, I saw that! Very interesting… especially since in the original reveal of Apollo, it looked like he was in Kurain along with Phoenix. I wonder how they’ll handle that?

      Of course, a prosecutor who has never lost is nothing new for Ace Attorney. I wonder what THIS one will be like.

    • I’ve seen translations that say the undefeated prosecutor is Gaspen Payne, who became Kurain’s Chief Prosecutor.

      • probably for the first case, where Phoenix kick his ass, but after that we will see what happens, i still think tah is athena

        • Another possibility I saw someone mention is that Athena could go to Kurain with Phoenix to split the cases as Phoenix partnered with Athena in Kurain, then Apollo partnered with Trucy back home.

          • i doubt that, in both trailers we haven´t see Athena yet, clearly she would be next to Phoenix in court but we don´t see her in the tráiler, it´s a good reasoning, but I say they all go there in order to bring back Athena to the agency

            • The trailers and promotion for Dual Destinies didn’t show Apollo for a long time, though. It could be another situation like that.

              Why would Athena go to Kurain?

              • Really ? i did not know that, i guess you are right about that, regardless as long as Athena appears and she has some protagonism i am good

                • I looked it up to try to get some dates. According to the wiki, the first Famitsu details and plot information for Dual Destinies came out in September 2012, but Apollo wasn’t confirmed until March 2013.

                  We’ll see! I definitely hope she returns in some way.

                  (Also, Blackquill cameo please!)

                  • you know what will be great, that they reveal all that it hasnt been revelade yet, like Apollo´s mother or Athena´s father, in Apollo case we all know is Thalassa, as for Athena, i highly believe that is the phantom, it makes sense

                    • You think Athena’s father is the phantom? But wouldn’t Metis have recognized his voice?

                    • we are yalking about an spy with no emotions, not to mention that she probably abandon both metis and athena probably after athena was borned, for me is the only explanation and why would they bother in cover the phanton´s face after his breakdown id dual destinies

                    • (It looks like I can’t continue the reply chain any further, so I’ll just write my reply here.)

                      Yes, but Metis is the one who analyzed his voice. Of all people, she should have been able to recognize it.

                      I assumed they hid the phantom’s face to keep the concept of him as a character who has no true identity–as he freaks out about how he doesn’t really know who he is. But who knows, maybe they have plans for him!

  5. I hope they do, it would be awesome

  6. Oh yes, Athena has been confirmed

  7. do you think will get to play with the trio or only Phoenix and Apollo ?

    • I’d be surprised if Athena wasn’t playable, since all three were playable in Dual Destinies. Personally, I hope they add more cases, now that there are three attorneys. What do you think?

      • more cases could be good, but they have to be careful, because that can get boring if the cases are not good enough, maybe 6 cases since this is the 6 game of the original saga

        • Too many “filler” cases would be bad, but more cases might work especially since they have two locations to move between, too. Dual Destinies technically had 6 cases, because of the DLC case. Maybe this one could have 6 regular cases and then another DLC case.

          • Instead of talking about cases, we should ask ourselves:
            We are going to have a crazy witness? (animal or robot)

            • Good point, haha. There haven’t really been TOO many of those, though. The infamous parrot scene, the whale, the robot… were there any others?

              • the spirit of dahlia that possesed maya on Trials and Tribulations and the walkie talkie on Justice for All and the other parrot in PL VS PW

                • Oh right. I guess it is pretty much a tradition now. XD Kurain could get pretty crazy, with that water mirror.

                  • Do you think that since Apoollo said in the trailer that Phoenix was not there, you think that at some point Phoenix is going to die ?

                    • Dying might be a little extreme, especially since he’s such a popular and important character. It seems more likely to me that something would happen to put him out of commission for that case (like the first trial section of T&T case 5).

                      Do you think they’d be willing to kill Phoenix?

  8. Considering that many people think (not me of course) that in AA5 he was not much of a protagonist, except in the lasta case and that is Apollo who should be the new main character, then I guees Phoenix would end soom

    • Of course, Takumi wanted to end Phoenix’s story with the trilogy and not involve him in Apollo Justice. This game might give a good indication of the direction the series will take from here…

      • what do you mean ?

        • I mean, if Phoenix is still a major star of the game and nothing in the ending suggests he’s stepping aside, that’s probably a sign he’ll continue to star. If, however, AA6 eventually passes the torch to Apollo and Athena, it’ll suggest Phoenix won’t be as important in future games.

          • No, Phoenix would always be the superstar, I mean withou him, Athena would. Have been convicted for a crime she never did, he save people klife and he would do it again, because even thought he is 35 and the boss of his own agency, he still has that golden heart of a child with all his goofiness

  9. Well, they shouldn´t, he is a hero, while Apollo is a dick and Athena, while I do like her, she is too unexpirienced

  10. Merry christmas, i wish you the best

    • Yes, I saw that! Interesting… so it’s a new character after all. What do you think of the “Funeral Prosecutor”?

      • well, i heard he/she (we don´t know the gender yet) ahs a new Word, like Blackquill with his silence, he has something that can be translated as a do you undernstand, and wonder how does he/she knows apollo, what do you think ?

        • Ah yes, I saw that they have their own word.

          Hmm… I feel as though maybe Apollo will only be familiar with them, maybe from Phoenix’s dealings in Japan, or maybe this is another famous prosecutor.

          Also, have you seen the questions/theories about the “green Gramarye”? One of the screenshots shows a poster for Troupe Gramarye that includes someone dressed in green.

          • I think that is just simply a random person, there is no way that could be i dont know apollos father

            • Some people are theorizing that.

              I think the problem is why would the artist put that there? The poster shows Magnifi, Zak, Valant, Thalassa… and someone in green. It implies a fifth person in the act. Since Troupe Gramarye already exists in canon with four members, adding a fifth feels like an odd decision unless it’s important.

              • Yes, you are right, odds are that the truth about trucy and apollo would be reveal, and so far, what do you thibk of the new prosecutor, do you think he/she is a villain ?

                • That would be good. It would be nice to wrap up the final loose ends from Apollo Justice.

                  To me, the new prosecutor’s goals sound noble enough–convicting the guilty as justice for their victims–although “Funeral Prosecutor” certainly sounds intimidating. I can’t see this character as a villain so much as a prosecutor like AA1 Edgeworth, going to extreme measures with good intentions.

                  What do you think?

                  • Yeah, i agree with you, he/she seems like a kurain kingdom of edgeworth and i wonder what he would throw at. Us (like cofee, whip or a hawk)

                    • Haha, yes. It will certainly be interesting to see what this prosecutor’s defining trait is.

                      And it seems as though we might have a second prosecutor in Kurain, which could be interesting.

                    • they say that this prosecutor can chanel spirits, maybe he/she is an spirit itself and can be anywhere

                    • That would be interesting… although even for Ace Attorney, that might stretch suspension of disbelief a little far.

                      (Then again, they considered having an immortal prosecutor at one point…)

  11. wait, seriously? they had ?

  12. wait, seriously? they had considered that ?

  13. But now that i thibk about it, this game seems more focuse on. Apollo, so my question is, why ia it call Phoenix Wright ? Not that i dont mind

    • Well, it seems like it’ll be split between Phoenix in Kurain and Apollo back home, so they might split the screen-time 50/50. We haven’t seen enough to indicate it’ll be more Apollo than Phoenix.

      But also, there’s a theory that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney sold worse than the others because Phoenix’s name wasn’t on it. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it would explain why Dual Destinies and this one (though do we have a confirmed title yet?) would still begin with “Phoenix Wright.”

  14. What do you thibk the title for AA6 would be like ?

  15. but the million dollar question is, why Maya never metioned this country before? if is also has spirit chanelling and stuff

  16. I just read that Capcom in march 6th they will reveal the date for AA6 (at least in japan) and they would also reveal a secret character

  17. knowing AA, we can be sure that Maya is going to be a defendant in one case

  18. I also read about gumshoe with abeard and Emma coming back too

  19. did you check the trailers ?

  20. I think the secret character is Kay Faraday because earlier you mentioned it is wearing an hat, it could be Faraday’s long hair. Also pink is Kay’s iconic colour. Kay can be prosecutor since she is inspired to do it as she worked under Edgeworth before. I think how Apollo addressed her is not fear, but disappointment as Kay and Apollo could be really close friends and Apollo hates facing her in court. That my theory for now!

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