Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 212018

Back in 2016, I supported a Kickstarter to localize an otome visual novel called Beastmaster and Prince.

The Kickstarter failed, and the team behind it never provided any further updates to backers.

Now, it looks like another publisher might take on Beastmaster and Prince to localize it, at least for mobile devices. As reported by Siliconera, a new Shall We Date app has appeared with a list of available otome games in its description.

This app is a compilation that will let you choose from several localized visual novels. The list includes “Beastmaster and Princes” and “Wand of Fortune,” neither of which has been localized before.

Now, the Kickstarter had hoped to localize Beastmaster and Prince, its fandisc sequel, and side stories. Judging by the listing here, this is probably just for the main visual novel. Nevertheless, that’s a step in the right direction from it not being available at all (even if I would prefer a non-mobile version).

They don’t appear to be available in the app just yet.

Will we finally get to play Beastmaster and Prince? Will mobile be our only option? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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