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Jan 242022

Back in August, we talked about composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s work on an unknown project that felt consistent with rumors of an upcoming Xenoblade announcement.

Well, now the rumors have reason to fly once again.

In a recent tweet, Mitsuda said his new project could be revealed as early as next month.

Naturally, this has sparked new hopes of a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announcement, especially since it’s common for a Nintendo Direct to be held in February.

Another popular possibility is the rumored Chrono Cross remaster, which I thought might be announced at the Game Awards due to how credible the rumors seemed at the time. Mitsuda was the composer for Chrono Cross, so it’s likely he’d be involved with a remaster.

That then ties into the rumors that there will be a State of Play in February.

So which will it be? A new Xenoblade game revealed at a Nintendo Direct, or a Chrono Cross remaster revealed at a State of Play? Of course, it could be neither, and since his tweet says it’s the earliest the project could be announced, it might not happen in February even if it is one of the two.

For that matter, it might not be a video game at all.

What do you think Mitsuda’s project is? Do you think we’ll get a Xenoblade announcement this year?

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  2 Responses to “Mitsuda’s New Project Could Be Announced Next Month”

  1. “due to how credible the rumors seemed at the time.”

    I hope you’ve learned from this experience.

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