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Oct 212022

What could be more fitting for Celebrating All Things Spooky than the revival of Silent Hill?

I was nervous going into the Silent Hill Transmission broadcast Wednesday evening, but now I’m cautiously optimistic.

Despite my skepticism about the numerous Silent Hill rumors that had been floating around, Konami really did announce multiple Silent Hill projects, the first of which had been widely rumored for a while: a Silent Hill 2 remake.

Silent Hill 2 remake

Silent Hill 2 will be remade by Bloober Team for PS5 and PC.

I’ve played most of Bloober Team’s horror games, and while they haven’t reached the heights of Silent Hill, it’s felt to me like they’ve been dying to make a Silent Hill game for a while now. Between that and the reports that they’re working closely with the original creators, I think the Silent Hill 2 remake has the potential to be amazing.

The trailer looks beautiful, except for James’s face.

I don’t know what it is. Something about his face just looks off to me. He doesn’t look like what I’d imagine James Sunderland in modern graphics would look like. Everything else looks great, so maybe I’ll get used to his face after a while.

Confirmed changes are an over-the-shoulder camera and a rebuilt combat system.

Personally, I’m hoping they keep the story completely intact without any changes and that the gameplay changes retain the atmosphere of the original.

A Silent Hill 2 remake would have been exciting enough on its own, but that was only the first of the projects announced.

Silent Hill: Townfall

The next game announced was Silent Hill: Townfall, developed by No Code and published by Annapurna Interactive. No Code developed Stories Untold and Observation (not to be confused with Bloober Team’s horror game Observer), both of which I enjoyed. I found some aspects of Observation to be tedious, but the way the story unfolded in Stories Untold has me intrigued to see what No Code might do with Silent Hill.

It’s hard to get a good read on what Townfall will be like, but fans have found the secret message “Whatever heart this town had has now stopped” hidden in the trailer.

From my experience with No Code’s previous games, I’d guess Townfall will be more of a narrative-focused game than survival horror, but we’ll see.

Now, Konami actually had even more announcements than those we’ll discuss here. They announced a new movie, new merchandise, and “a new interactive streaming series where the entire community shapes the canon of Silent Hill” called Silent Hill: Ascension, which sounds… interesting, but not like the sort of thing I’d enjoy.

So let’s jump ahead to the last big announcement, which closed out the showcase.

Silent Hill f

They ended by announcing Silent Hill f, a brand new Silent Hill game that some sites are describing as a spin-off but sounded to me like the next mainline title.

The trailer is creepy, but one thing stood out to me more than anything else: Ryukishi07 is the writer.

If you remember my review of the first chapter of Higurashi last year, you’ll know why I’m excited. Ryukishi07 is most famous for Higurashi and Umineko. Seeing his name attached to a major project like Silent Hill was a shock, but a welcome one.

We know very little about Silent Hill f right now, just that it’s set in 1960s Japan. I don’t know how a Silent Hill game set in a different country than the town of Silent Hill will work. I don’t know how, if at all, this will tie in with the rest of the series.

(I saw a couple theories that the flowers in the trailer could be tied to White Claudia and Aglaophotis, which would be an extremely cool way to tie them together.)

I’m also not sure what to make of it being developed by NeoBards, whose biggest claim to fame right now is having developed Resident Evil: Resistance and Resident Evil Re:Verse, but at least I have confidence that the story and atmosphere will be top-notch.

The designs are also being handled by Kera, who worked on NG, so that’s another positive.

So while I have a lot of questions about Silent Hill f, I’m definitely intrigued by it and much more optimistic than I was going into the broadcast.

How do you feel about the recent deluge of Silent Hill announcements? Has Silent Hill truly been revived?

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  4 Responses to “Celebrating All Things Spooky: Silent Hill News Extravaganza”

  1. I wonder if Silent Hill f is being treated as a spin-off specifically because it’s not set in the town of Silent Hill…

  2. Interesting all across the board, at least relating to the games. My only hope is that between Townfall and F, there is some gameplay similar to the mainline series and it’s not just a narrative or visual novel experience.

    • Since some places refer to F as a mainline title, I’d assume that one will have the normal gameplay for the series, although right now other places still call it a spin-off. I don’t know what to expect from Townfall.

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